For some people, their most prized possession is their million dollar smile. If your smile is slightly off center and leaves you with much to be desired, you need to make an appointment at Precision Digital Dentistry for digital orthodontic treatment. Here you will find a dental practice that is committed to providing patients with the best in dental care. We use the latest in dental technology for our patients’ comfort and well-being.

Propel Accelerated orthodontics provide our patients with straighter smiles in the least amount of time, up to 60% faster than traditional braces. It is a simple procedure which uses the body’s own biology to promote bone remodeling as teeth come into correct position faster.

Straighten Teeth Faster with Propel Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment time is significantly reduced with the use of Propel orthodontics. The procedure known as Alveocentesis™ helps the teeth move faster, naturally. Alveolar bones around the teeth are stimulated by creating micro-indentations. The procedure may cause slight discomfort while gums heal and may be repeated off and on through the duration of orthodontic treatment with braces to help the teeth move faster.

propel orthodontics

This process is especially effective for adults with less bone development, or who are prone to slower healing. More difficult orthodontic cases also benefit from this procedure. Propel Accelerated Orthodontics have many benefits besides being a simple procedure. Proper alignment occurs at a faster rate than usual. Tissues heal faster, and the system promotes bone remodeling.

If you are ready to have your smile straightened, contact Precision Digital Dentistry and make your appointment to have a consultation with Dr. Ma. Find out if you are a candidate for Propel Accelerated Orthodontics. You could have your own million dollar smile in just a short while.