What is Laser Dentistry?

When used in conjunction with other dental instruments, lasers allow for greater precision, while awarding patients a more relaxing dental experience. Surprising to some, laser dentistry has been used for roughly 20 years, and is suitable for a wide range of dental procedures. As light energy from a thin, narrow laser beam comes in contact with oral tissues, tissues are removed and shaped with ease. To learn more about laser dentistry, continue reading below.

Knowyourteeth explains the many uses of dental lasers, some of which include:

  • Reducing discomfort associated with canker sores or cold sores
  • Exposing wisdom teeth that are partially erupted
  • Removing muscle attachments that impair movement
  • Shaping gum tissues during impressions for crowns or other procedures
  • Removing overgrown tissues
  • Performing biopsies
  • Removing gum tissues that are inflamed
  • Reshaping gum tissues during a crown lengthening procedure
  • Treating infections following root canal therapy

Without question, dental lasers benefit dentists and patients alike. In many cases, lasers eliminate the need for drilling or even sedation dentistry. In fact, lasers might be considered a non-invasive treatment that not only controls bleeding, but also naturally sterilizes and reduces the presence of bacteria in a patient’s mouth. Consequently, patients experience less symptoms and shorter healing times.

Dental Lasers: Types

Bones, teeth and water absorb a hard tissue dental laser. Thus, when teeth are shaped or prepared for other treatments, such as dental fillings or bonding, hard tissue lasers come in handy. On the other hand, soft tissue lasers are absorbable by water and blood. These lasers are an important part of treatment for periodontal gum disease, with no risk of damage to nearby areas of the mouth. Additionally, soft tissue lasers have the ability to seal blood vessels and nerve endings, controlling bleeding and discomfort.

With the goal of providing the highest quality of dentistry to your family, Precision Digital Dentistry offers comprehensive dental services while taking advantage of the greatest tools and methods that dentistry has to offer. This is why Dr. Joyce Guojan Ma DDS, PhD. incorporates laser dentistry into a variety of treatments at her practice.

Perhaps you know that you need dental work, but you are scared of a painful, lengthy procedure and recovery. Call Precision Digital Dentistry today, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ma. Laser dentistry may make all the difference in your treatment.

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