What is Digital Dentistry?

Digital Dentistry is an umbrella term referring to the use of digital methods over traditional dental techniques and practices. While traditional methods of creating molds and other restorations for crowns have resulted in poorly fitting materials and discomfort for patients (not to mention wasted time and money), Digital Dentistry has made general, restorative, and cosmetic dental procedures more effective, efficient, and predictable.

Advantages of Digital Dentistry

The evolution into the “digital world” begins with the adoption of new dental equipment. For instance, you may recall the film-based products used in x-rays. These have now been replaced with digital imaging and digital x-rays, giving dental professionals the ability to provide upgraded solutions for patients as they see, assess, diagnose, and plan treatments with more information and greater detail. Specifically, some digital dentistry technologies include: CAD/CAM restorations, computerized presentations, digital radiography, digital impressions, imaging for placing implants, digitally-based surgical guides, and electronic prescriptions. While the introduction of digital dentistry certainly provides more precise planning, it also enables dentists to work collaboratively with other professionals to provide solutions for complex dental concerns.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of digital dentistry is efficiency, particularly in the amount of time and cost involved. Processes have been streamlined, and there is far greater accuracy and predictability. The need to redo molds has been virtually eliminated. As outcomes are known beforehand, dentists also have the ability to create a more positive experience for the patient.

Cutting-Edge Advancements

Led by Dr. Joyce Guojun Ma DDS. PhD., Precision Digital Dentistry utilizes cutting-edge advancements, with patient comfort as a high priority. We understand that traditional means of dentistry have not only cost you valuable time and money, they have caused fear and apprehension concerning many dental treatment and procedures. Given new technologies, we are able to ensure that patients have a thorough understanding of what’s to come, and digital instruments are not nearly as intimidating as ones used in the past.

Are you ready for a new experience in dentistry? Let Precision Digital Dentistry be your preferred dentist in Bridgewater today.

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