Dental Bridges

Without question, when a person has one or more missing teeth, they may experience a loss of self-esteem. Yet, there are other concerns that come from missing teeth, some of which include problems with the jaw joint, shifting teeth and bone loss. Fortunately, advancements in dentistry continue to make replacing missing teeth and restoring one’s smile predictable and easy. An example is with a custom dental bridge.

Comprised of two or more crowns or implants for the teeth (one on each side of the gap), a dental bridge is supported by anchoring teeth that hold the false teeth between them. WebMD explains that these teeth are called abutment teeth, while the false teeth are called pontics.

Among the benefits of dental bridges is their ability to restore one’s smile, as well as one’s ability to chew and speak with confidence. In addition, a dental bridge provides balance by distributing the forces of an individual’s bite. Because teeth are replaced, there’s no danger of remaining teeth shifting or moving out of place. Finally, dental bridges help maintain the shape and fullness of a person’s face, which provides a natural anti-aging benefit for many.

Types Of Dental Bridges

Depending on where teeth are missing, there are various types of dental bridges, from traditional to cantilever to Maryland bonded bridges. As such, traditional dental bridges are mostly used, and this requires fabricating a crown for the tooth on each side of the missing tooth or teeth. As mentioned above, pontic teeth are between the abutment teeth. Traditional bridges are often a mixture of materials, including porcelain fused to metal and ceramics.

When there are natural teeth next to an area of missing teeth, but only on one side, a cantilever dental bridge might be used. Yet, more often than not, a Maryland bonded bridge is a better choice. A metal or porcelain framework supports teeth and gums, and wings on the side of the bridge are bonded to existing teeth on one side.

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