The Future Of Dental Materials

rom sophisticated injection devices to universal composite dispersion techniques and bacteria-resistant composite resin, the future of dental materials is exciting and ever-changing. Though there are hundreds of new-age products and materials on the horizon, however, the primary aim of dentists is to simplify treatment for patients, while continuing to meet the demands of an aesthetically-driven industry. Dentistry Today describes a few leading products and materials below. 

Shofu Dental’s Beautifil II LS (Low Shrink)

As part of a new generation of a low-shrink composite for all levels of restorative dentistry, the Shofu Dental’s Beautifil II LS is a versatile material comprised of a proprietary, new monomer and high-density prepolymerized filler. It is available in syringes, tips and 14 dentin and enamel shades, and exhibits tooth-like optical components. 

Zimmer Biomet – Implant (3.1mmD Eztetic)

For narrow anterior spaces, the 3.1mm Eztetic Implant provides a unique aesthetic solution, and is stronger and more stable than commercial implants. As such, micromovement and microleakages are reduced, while a specialized Double Friction-Fit technology ensures accuracy and superior precision. 

Kuraray’s CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick

With one-of-a-kind rapid bond technology, Kuraray’s CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick is a single-bottle, fluoride-releasing adhesive that is universal, with new original MDP and AMIDE-based monomer chemistry. Specifically, the monomer allows the material to quickly permeate dentin and enamel, dramatically reducing waiting time and water absorption. 

Parkell’s Pain Free Gel

Suitable for sensitive patients, Parkell’s Pain Free Gel is placed in tiny, pinpoint areas, even next to the gum line and soft tissues to desensitize pain in 30 seconds. The gel seals the tooth’s dentinal tubules, creating a barrier to moving fluid that causes hypersensitivity. 

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