The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Are you seeking a brighter smile with whiter teeth? Have your teeth changed color? Have you tried the over-the-counter treatments and not achieved your desired results? Your teeth can change color due to a number of outside influences including food/drink, tobacco use, age, trauma to the mouth, and medications. Professional teeth whitening may be the answer you are looking for to get a brighter smile. Teeth whitening by a dentist can get your teeth whiter faster. Professional teeth whitening may be right for you if you have permanent teeth and are in good health. There are several other benefits besides achieving a brighter and whiter smile from teeth whitening.

Professional Teeth Whitening Benefits

  • Improve Oral Health- teeth can become healthier and stronger with the removal of stains which results in a healthier mouth.
  • Targets Intrinsic and Extrinsic Stains- professional teeth whitening can target stains on the surface of the tooth as well as surfaces beneath the enamel.
  • Faster and Long-Lasting Results- procedure lasts approximately an hour with immediate results that are long-lasting.
  • Customized Treatments- professional whitening can be tailored to the desired whiteness you are looking for.
  • Safer Treatments- when a professional is administering your whitening treatments they are monitoring the process throughout the entire treatment and can make adjustments as needed.
  • Confidence Booster- having whiter teeth and a brighter smile boosts confidence and self-esteem.

Expert Teeth Whitening in Bridgewater, NJ

You can determine if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening by speaking with your dentist. Teeth whitening can make teeth temporarily sensitive or become uncomfortable for people with sensitive teeth and it is important to notify your dentist of any sensitivity. After a professional teeth whitening treatment, Precision Digital Dentistry will provide instructions on the after-care of your teeth. It is important to have regular dental check-ups to maintain the health of your mouth.

If you are looking to enhance your smile, Dr. Joyce Guojun Ma and her team at Precision Digital Dentistry are ready to help you achieve your goals for a brighter smile. Call Precision Digital Dentistry today for a consultation.

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