The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

While not everyone is blessed with a naturally white smile, numerous advancements in teeth whitening are making it possible for even the dullest of smiles to regain a youthful sparkle. Sure—a bright smile speaks of positivity, success, and overall well-being. Yet, there are psychological benefits associated with professional teeth whitening, including having a healthier outlook on life and greater confidence.

Just to be clear—having whiter teeth doesn’t necessarily mean that an individual has good oral health. In fact, it is possible to have periodontal (gum) disease and have a white smile. Even so, on the surface, a bright smile exudes a sense of good personal hygiene, and this is naturally attractive to others.

Suppose you are preparing for a job interview. Individuals report feeling more confident and prepared for their interview after having professional teeth whitening. Similarly, some claim that their social life is better when their teeth are whiter. On the flip side, when others notice a bright white smile, the perception is that the person is financially stable, outgoing, friendly, and even trustworthy.

Over The Counter VS. Professional Teeth Whitening

Perhaps the greatest dilemma in regards to teeth whitening is whether to use an over the counter method or to opt for a professional application.

While over the counter versions may whiten teeth slightly, there are a few important reasons why professional teeth whitening under the direction of a dentist is a better (and safer!) option. First, whitening treatments from the local drug store are not professional strength and often do not whiten teeth evenly. Second, over the counter treatments usually require patients to use them everyday for a certain amount of weeks or months (in-office professional whitening is typically one application). Third, while many report tooth sensitivity following over the counter whitening treatments, professional grade treatments are customized for each patient. In other words, the whitening solution and/or trays fit so that sensitive gum tissues are not exposed to the whitening agent. In addition, fluoride application following treatment helps reduce the onset of any sensitivity. Professional whitening is longer lasting and patients may even pick their desired shade of white.

At Precision Digital Dentistry, we understand that while there’s no fountain of youth, there is a safe, simple, and effective way to whiten your teeth professionally. With supportive after care, we’ll also help you maintain your pearly whites. Call Precision Digital Dentistry in Bridgewater today for your teeth whitening consultation.

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