Suffering From Jaw Pain

Are you suffering from pain in your jaw? Perhaps your facial muscles are stiff and tight, or maybe you hear a clicking sound when you open your mouth. When jaw pain is persistent and results in headaches, ear pain or ear popping, TMD (sometimes referred to as TMJ) may be to blame. This is Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, and it has been known to cause the jaw to become permanently stuck or locked in an open position (Colgate).

Despite the fact that TMD is a relatively common condition, its causes are not fully understood. Even so, dentists describe a few common considerations used when classifying TMD. The first of these is teeth grinding. As one of the leading causes of jaw pain, grinding is not necessarily done when someone is eating. Rather, it occurs when the person is unaware. For instance, some grind their teeth when they are concentrating or when they are stressed, while others grind their teeth when they are asleep. Aside from intense jaw pain, teeth grinding can lead to a number of other dental problems, including cracked or broken teeth and misalignment of one’s bite.

Another condition that adversely affects bones and other tissues is Osteomyelitis. This is an infection that travels through the blood stream. If it reaches an individual’s jaw, the person experiences pain in the jaw joint, and perhaps fever and inflammation. Similarly, other dental and oral health conditions may result in inflammation and pain in the jaw. These include periodontal (gum) disease, cavities, missing teeth or a tooth abscess. While these do not affect the jaw directly, they could change the way an individual holds their mouth or eats their food. Ultimately, this leads to pain and swelling from tension in the jaw muscle.

As with other oral health symptoms, it’s important to determine the exact cause of one’s jaw pain, so that it can be treated effectively. Because TMD remains somewhat of a mystery, it’s important to visit a trusted dentist to help identify the source of your jaw pain. Regardless of the cause of your jaw pain, however, there are a variety of solutions and remedies available to help alleviate your pain.

Treatment To Suit Your Needs

At Precision Digital Dentistry, we embrace cutting-edge advancements when it comes to your oral health. Thus, if you are experiencing jaw pain from TMD, you can be sure that we’ll perform a comprehensive examination to determine what’s causing your pain. Whether a custom mouth guard is necessary, a dental splint, physical therapy or muscle relaxers, we’ll design a treatment protocol that suits your needs.

We know how debilitating the symptoms of TMD can be, and we’re committed to providing the exceptional dental care that you deserve. Call Precision Digital Dentistry in Bridgewater today to schedule your appointment.

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