Start Dental Care Earlier Than You Expect

When questioned about how early parents should take their children to the dentist, parents give a wide array of answers. The average age that most parents think they should take their children to the dentist is by age 5. Yet, waiting until a child is five years old is about four years too long. Surprised by that? Keep reading.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that all children visit the dentist by their first birthdays. You may be thinking, “but my baby doesn’t even have a full set of teeth yet.” These early visits to the dentist are about much more than cleaning the teeth. The benefits of early dental visits are two-fold:

Make Your Child Comfortable with the Dentist

The main goal of early dental visits in very young children is to help them feel comfortable at the dentist’s office. Many older children who do not visit the dentist before the age of 8 are much more likely to experience dental phobia. The sounds, smells, and dental tools often overwhelm children who are unfamiliar with the dentist’s office atmosphere, and they experience anxiety during dental appointments.

When parents bring children as young as 1 to the dentist, they help their children gain a healthy view of dental appointments. At the first appointments, the dentist and hygienist will concentrate on making your children comfortable with having fingers put into their mouths, learning about different dental tools, and ways to take care of their teeth. These first appointments are painless, easy, and fun.

Give Your Dentist a Baseline for Your Child’s Oral Health

For dentists, knowing your children’s dental history is vital for providing optimal oral care. Dentists who are familiar with children’s teeth and oral development from the very start can provide specific care, and they will notice if anything suspicious suddenly appears.

At Precision Care Dentistry, we want to make sure your child has a positive experience and enjoys coming to the dentist. When you bring your children to Precision Digital Dentistry, you put them on the road to a lifetime of excellent oral care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child or the entire family.

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