PROPEL: The Next Level Of Orthodontics

With a number of technologies on the horizon, orthodontics seemingly surpasses other specialties with innovative treatments and processes to enhance and straighten one’s smile. Thus, in an effort to provide top of the line orthodontic care, many dental professionals are turning to accelerated orthodontic systems. One such system is PROPEL Orthodontics, which aims to move teeth into position with greater predictability in a shorter amount of time. Without question, PROPEL takes orthodontic treatment to the next level, with more effectiveness and better use of patients’ time.

How does the PROPEL process work? In short, the PROPEL system works alongside other methods such as traditional braces and Invisalign, speeding up treatment. To better understand, PROPEL uses a patient’s own biology to stimulate bone production through Alveocentesis. Tiny alveolar perforations are made with PROPEL instruments in a non-invasive, three step chair-side procedure. Bone is produced in the upper (maxilla) and lower (mandible) jaw. The idea behind the PROPEL process is that as teeth begin to move, there will be sufficient bone to accommodate their movement.

While the PROPEL system is safe for all ages, it is perhaps most exciting for teens and adults that are seeking a variation to teeth straightening. After all, the avuncular bone can no longer produce new bone in adults, healing takes a bit longer and teeth shift at a slower rate. Despite all of this, PROPEL continues to move teeth quickly, while encouraging tissue healing and ultimately making orthodontic treatment more enjoyable.

Welcome To Precision Digital Dentistry

Dr. Joyce Guojun Ma, DDS, PhD., welcomes you to Precision Digital Dentistry, where you’ll find cutting edge advancements implemented to make your dental experience comfortable and enjoyable. As part of our comprehensive menu of services, we offer digital orthodontics using the PROPEL system. As a revolutionary, yet simple procedure, the PROPEL solution promotes faster alignment with bone remodeling, helping our patients achieve the smile they’ve always wanted.

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