Near Perfect Restorations With CEREC

When patients hear about advancements in digital dentistry, some assume that a fancier “tool set” is the dentist’s way of increasing prices. Yet, strides in digital dentistry prove to reduce costs through accuracy, efficiency, and greater control, increasing patient convenience and satisfaction. As an example, CEREC, or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, is a sophisticated system that makes and develops metal-free restorations for patients in one single visit. Precision is guaranteed through the use of 3D imaging and CAD/CAM technology, allowing the specialized milling unit to build near perfect restorations with CEREC.

Suppose you’ve been told that you need a crown, an inlay, onlay, or bridge. Most understand that these restorations require multiple visits, including messy impressions, waiting periods, or appointments for fittings and adjustments. As a result, patients may be forced to take time off of work or plan around other activities and events. Without question, this is easier said than done, and unfortunately results in patients putting off treatment in some cases. Yet, given the convenience of CEREC, patients receive the treatment they need in one visit.

To better understand, consider the following steps using CEREC for a crown restoration. To begin, the cavity preparation is photographed. It is stored as a 3D image and model, where the CEREC-based software utilizes bio-generic comparisons to make an estimate of the shape and size needed for the restoration. The model is further refined with a CAD software, and the final result is sent to an in-house milling machine. Using Diamond Head cutters, the machine carves the patient’s restoration out of a ceramic block. When complete, it is bonded to the patient’s tooth with resin.

Without question, more and more dentists are turning to digital dentistry using CEREC and other methods. With systems that are safe and easy to use, dentists maximize their time in treating patients, and patients spend less time in the dental chair.

At Precision Digital Dentistry, we proudly take advantage of industry improvements in digital dentistry. Simply put, Dr. Joyce Guojun Ma, DDS, PhD and team want to offer a higher level of dentistry for patients whenever we can, and digital restorations using CEREC continue to prove safe, easy, and successful, time after time. If you’ve been told that you need a restoration, or if a previous restoration has failed, your call is welcome at Precision Digital Dentistry in Bridgewater today.

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