Natural-Looking Crowns In One Day With CEREC!

A number of factors give way to tooth decay, causing teeth to become damaged or even lost. Previously, repairing diseased teeth required several dental appointments, and many patients were forced to take time off of work. Yet, with the latest in digital technologies and restorative dentistry, patients can now receive a natural-looking dental crown in one single visit with CEREC.

To better understand, CEREC is derived from Ceramic Reconstruction. It is part of a dental system in which crowns and other restorations can be fabricated in minutes. First, dentists take a precise impression of a patient’s tooth using the CEREC Omnicam. With 3D imaging software and the use of CAD/CAM (computer aided design and manufacturing), a customized crown is created. The crown can be safely bonded after a few short minutes, which means that there’s no need to place a temporary crown. Most importantly, all of this is accomplished in one visit, in one day!

Aside from saving patients valuable time, restorations created with CEREC technology are milled in-house with a high quality, biocompatible ceramic. Because this material contains many of the same characteristics as healthy dental enamel, it is well received by the body. In fact, the material expands in much the same way as natural teeth. What’s more, CEREC restorations are less susceptible to cracking than other dental restorations, and they demonstrate enormous durability over time.

From start to finish, CEREC technology is a part of a wave of dental advancements designed to restore and rebuild teeth quickly and effectively. For teeth that have been compromised by injury, malformation, root canal therapy or infection, CEREC same day crowns provide the protection that teeth need.

Avoid Multiple Dental Visits With CEREC Technology!

At Precision Digital Dentistry, we leverage the latest advancements in dental technologies to provide the highest quality of dentistry possible. If you’ve been told that you need a dental crown, you will not have long to wait. You can avoid multiple dental visits with the exclusive CEREC technology provided at our Bridgewater practice.

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