Modern Day Solutions With Digital Orthodontics

While new-age technologies contribute to the globalization of services across many industries, the integration of modern day solutions for teeth straightening means that orthodontists and patients have access to the very best resources available. From diagnosis and treatment planning to customized appliances and 3D designs, the arena of digital orthodontics provides more effective and efficient outcomes than ever before. Thus, from a child entering phase one orthodontic treatment to an adult seeking invisible teeth straightening, digital orthodontic methods offer unparalleled precision and correction.

Even so, while digital orthodontics offer manageability and predictability in regards to results, they also provide a better patient experience. For instance, digital impressions using scanner technologies become the basis for virtual treatment planning, allowing patients to forego the messy impressions associated with traditional orthodontics. What’s more is that patients are involved in their treatment at every stage through sharing of digital data and 3D images. Finally, patients benefit from less invasive techniques and greater comfort overall.

As a certified Invisalign provider in Bridgewater, Dr. Joyce Guojun Ma includes the clear aligner system as part of her digital orthodontic menu. Invisalign provides simple teeth straightening that is comfortable, without the worry of pesky wires and brackets or food and diet restrictions. For those with mild to moderate misalignments, Invisalign is a preferred option for teens and adults alike. Yet, for even faster treatment for those prone to slower healing, as well as those with less bone development, Propel Accelerated Orthodontics is a unique digital orthodontic system offered by Dr. Ma. The primary aim of Propel Orthodontics is to reduce treatment time through a process called Alveocentesis. By creating micro-indentations around the teeth, the Alveolar bones are stimulated, which amplifies movement of teeth up to 60%!

At Precision Digital Dentistry, Dr. Joyce Guojun Ma remains committed to providing high quality dentistry and orthodontics with the latest advancements in digital technology. While these techniques provide patients greater comfort and satisfaction, they also reduce the risk of complications and inconveniences. Thus, if you are dissatisfied with your smile, contact Precision Digital Dentistry today to discuss how digital orthodontics can benefit you.

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