How Do Dental Technologies Advance Oral Health?

With an increasing focus on providing the best dental care possible, the 21st century dentist employs a number of advanced and sleek technologies. In regards to cleanliness, reliability and progress (Dental Economics), the use of new-age technologies continues to have a positive impact on patient care across the country. For specifics on how dental technologies advance your oral health, continue reading below.

Perhaps the greatest appeal of dental technologies is that they generate competence on behalf of dentists and staff. Simply put, when patients receive treatment using updated equipment and modern methods, they place more confidence in the dentist’s ability to deliver exceptional care. Meanwhile, dentists understand that incorporating new technologies shows a willingness to invest in their practice and a commitment to top-tier dentistry.

In turn, dental technologies help patients understand their oral health. For example, high-resolution radiographs provide improved diagnostics and results that are easily seen and explained chair-side. This provides an obvious benefit in regards to time, yet improved screenings also expose patients to less radiation. Additionally, when a patient is in need of a crown restoration, for instance, advanced CAD/CAM systems allow for customized fitting, fabrication and milling of the crown on-site, often on the same day.

Aside from generating greater trust and understanding of their oral health, the integration of dental technologies help patients feel connected to their dentist office through better compliance procedures, as well as digital, easy-access records, automated reminders and account updates. Interestingly, dental professionals report that up-to-date technologies motivate patients to commit to regular dental checkups, as well as better oral care at home.

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