Drill-Free Cosmetic Dentistry And Prep-Free Veneers

Comprised of thin layers of porcelain or ceramic material, dental veneers are among the most beautiful and sophisticated ways to enhance the appearance of teeth that have succumbed to decay or injury. Yet, traditional means of applying veneers require teeth to be “prepped” beforehand. Thus, dentists remove a small portion of the original tooth enamel to allow room for the veneer to be placed. Even so, continued advancements in cosmetic dentistry find more and more dentists turning to minimal or prep-less techniques. This drill-free type of cosmetic dentistry requires ultimate precision and skill, and involves bonding the porcelain directly to the enamel’s surface.

For the right candidate, minimal prep or no-prep veneers are essentially a risk-free way of changing the appearance of teeth. For instance, many worry that the placement of veneers will irritate gum tissues. Yet, because the veneers are not positioned beneath the gum tissue, they will not affect the tissue at all. What’s more is that the original structure of the tooth enamel remains unchanged, while patients with dental anxiety can achieve the smile that they want without fear of the drill. Further, no-prep veneers can be applied to lengthen teeth that have been worn down, and they may also be applied to eliminate small spaces between teeth.

While prep-less veneers are an exciting cosmetic solution, they are not for everyone. For example, if a patient needs orthodontic treatment to correct misalignments or bite concerns, prep-free veneers are not typically recommended. In turn, while teeth that are small can be enlarged and lengthened using prep-less veneers, teeth that are relatively large cannot. In other words, traditional preparation is most effective in these cases. Finally, prep-free veneers cannot replace damaged enamel, and they are not usually recommended for bottom teeth.

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