Digital Orthodontics

From the use of digital radiography to the fabrication of dental restorations using CAD/CAM technologies, the arena of dentistry has been inevitably transformed by a digital revolution. While orthodontics has been slower to evolve, there is now a specific focus on digital optimization in orthodontics using guided scanning, storage and virtual exportation to customize treatment and elicit better outcomes.

If you’ve worn braces, you probably remember the messy, wet clay molds used to make impressions of your teeth. Fortunately, patients needn’t worry about gagging and the need for repeat impressions. That’s because digital scanners are making it possible for orthodontists to obtain a full mouth optical impression and virtual model of a patient. What’s more, specialists can factor in various treatment simulations and outcomes to predict the course of treatment and the final result. All of this is performed chair-side, maximizing confidence on behalf of the clinician and patient.

Because it is necessary to retain and store treatment records for each patient, digital solutions have progressed to allow for easy storage on a hard drive or through an encrypted online forum. While this saves space and time, it also allows for easy accessibility when scanned images need to be referenced or sent to a manufacturer such as Invisalign, Propel or another provider. When exported, the images converge with a patient’s prescription for greater precision. The images can also be printed in 3D for sharing.

Other new age digital orthodontic solutions incorporate software in which brackets can be placed virtually. For instance, an orthodontist creates a proposed treatment plan that is entered into an innovative 3M digital software. In return, the 3M will deliver the customized bonding jigs, brackets and wires.

Personalized Orthodontic Services Using The Latest Digital Technologies

At Precision Digital Dentistry, we place a high value on cutting edge technologies that deliver optimal patient care, from general dental services to orthodontics for kids and adults. That’s why we’ve invested in the latest digital orthodontic scanning solutions, whether patients are a candidate for traditional braces, Invisalign or the Propel Accelerated Orthodontic System. In either case, patients can expect a high level of precision, predictable treatment times and an optimal result.

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