Consider an Alternative to Dentures 

Presenting yourself in an approachable manner is a key aspect of many functions in human interaction. Being able to confidently and warmly greet people in a professional or private setting relies on a full smile with an even and clean set of teeth.

If you have experienced visible tooth loss, you may lack confidence in your smile. Lost teeth not only impact your social life, but may prevent you from enjoying certain foods. You may notice changes in your speech due to slur around the empty spaces in your mouth. Losing a noticeable number of teeth can occur due to accident or injury, or from a lapse in personal hygiene due to poor mental or physical health.

Traditionally, visible tooth loss has been remedied using dentures. While dentures can restore your confidence, they may not provide a full solution to your dental woes. Dentures can move within the mouth, requiring you to practically relearn how to eat or speak in order to accommodate them. If a broken smile is impeding your romantic life, dentures are not always the most ideal long-term solution. Dentures must be soaked in water overnight, which could be alarming to a potential partner during intimacy.

Consider All-On-4 Dental Implants

Dental implants have been a long-term solution to singular tooth loss. This involves drilling a post into the jawbone or potentially grafting surgeries if the bone has atrophied. For multiple teeth this is a painful and arduous experience. All-On-4 dental implants combine the benefits of implants and dentures. Computer aided precision allows for optimal placement of tooth posts. This maximizes the effect of the resulting bridge, as patients can chew and speak normally.

All-On-4 implants preserve the density of the facial bones and will prevent your face appearing sunken due to tooth loss. You can enjoy a meal out with friends and family without worrying about your dentures shifting or falling out. At Precision Digital Dentistry, you could have a full set of maintainable teeth in one day.

Let us guide you to a confident smile. Say goodbye to cumbersome dentures and contact Precision Digital Dentistry in New Jersey today.

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