Computer Guided Technology: Implant Dentistry

Revolutionizing implant dentistry, computer-guided technology allows for minimally invasive implant treatments. In the same procedure, an implant (and the restorations associated with it) can be placed. The precision, accuracy, and success of this technology puts Precision Digital Dentistry on the forefront of this efficient and evolving form of dentistry.

A Surgical Guide to Implant Dentistry

Computerized Tomography (CT) scan techniques and 3-D imaging provide dental professionals with a means to visualize and plan for the placement of dental implants. Details of the interior jaw, as well as tissues and nerves, can easily be viewed. Through this technology, dental technicians have a surgical guide. They can map out where the implant is to be placed, and they can also fabricate a definitive cast before surgery. In essence, this is a model or prosthesis. The actual installation of the implants requires very little time (less than one hour), and the impact on the patient is low. Overall, the benefits of this technology allows for greater success of your implant.

As one can imagine, computer guidance can also increase implant success in patients with inadequate bone for implant procedures. Virtually, dental professionals can design and reposition the guide sleeves and implant length. In some cases, deeper drilling may be required, to prepare the implant site. Instruments such as osteotomes can be incorporated to prepare the bone. A different implant seating “mount” is another alternative. Previously, complications with bone structure and density would’ve prevented patients from being able to obtain a successful dental implant. Yet, computer guided implant methods have made a way for even high-risk patients to enjoy the benefits of implants.

Comfort-Care and Advanced Dentistry

Dr. Joyce Guojun Ma, DDS, PhD. and the skilled staff at Precision Digital Dentistry provide comprehensive and comfort-care dentistry for all stages of life. Utilizing the most advanced technologies available, we’re committed to helping you obtain optimal oral health and a smile that will last for years to come. We welcome your call today!

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