Complimentary Smile Design with Digital Scan and Photo

Precision dentistry is the cornerstone of modern oral health. Every patient deserves access to effective smile restoration solutions in New Jersey. Traditional methods often result in misaligned or uncomfortable dentures, ill-fitting crowns, and problems with oral functionality.

When you visit Precision Digital Dentistry, we employ the advanced technology of iTero scans and images. As a patient, you get to become part of the process with 3D digital that builds a complete picture of your dental profile.

These precision images allow your dentist to design and create beautiful dental restorations. From fillings to dental implants, the highest standard of accuracy is guaranteed. For our patients, this means the assurance of walking away with brighter, healthier smiles.

Complete Smile Makeover

ITero allows for complete smile makeovers in a fraction of the time. Comfort levels are increased during checkups, examinations, dental impressions, and restoration procedures. We can also use 3D digital imaging to assist in designing comfortable and effective orthodontics.

Every smile is different, so a one-size-fits-all approach is counterintuitive when it comes to dentistry. The team at Precision Digital Dentistry relies on advanced tools, including iTero, to ensure that custom fit. If you have experienced uncomfortable and painful results from dental procedures in the past, we can vastly improve treatment outcomes.

iTero Dental Consultation

With iTero, Precision Digital Dentistry can offer more to our patients than ever before. You may have missed out on treatments in the past due to inferior technology. We welcome you to attend a consultation at our New Jersey to experience the difference for yourself.

3D precision images can identify problems with oral health. However, we can also use this technology to discover new solutions for patients. So, no matter what you have been told in previous oral health consultations, turn to Precision Digital Dentistry for a second opinion.

Our consultation process provides access to precise and accurate dental restorations. Crowns, bridges, dentures, and dental implants are just some of the procedures that benefit from iTero digital scanning and imaging.

Contact the NJ offices of Precision Digital Dentistry today if you would like to book an appointment.

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