Co-Author Your Smile With Digital Smile Design (DSD)

Providing a more advanced and patient-centered approach, top dentists and technicians are embracing the concept of Digital Smile Design. When it comes to planning, producing, and placing dental restorations, Digital Smile Design (DSD) allows patients to seemingly co-author their smile through a very detailed design and educational process.

Planning Your Smile

To begin planning your smile, your dentist will first take extensive photos of your mouth, teeth, and face. Digitally, several versions of your ideal smile are created. The Digital Smile Design Software gives the dentist the ability to bring a 2D smile design into a 3D environment that works in real time with pictures of the patient. The advantage here is that the functional capability of the smile can be measured. In other words, the dentist and patient can see what the new smile will look like as the patient moves and speaks. This also allows for the tiniest adjustments in regards to both function and aesthetics. As the patient, your role in the design process is important. You get to choose the smile that best suits your unique facial structure, appearance, and one that looks natural with your distinct movements and behaviors. Once your smile is chosen, the true process of creating it begins.

Without question, Digital Smile Design is the perfect blend of the latest in dental technology and human artistry. Elements such as length, width, shape and spacing of teeth speak to the customization aspect of DSD. Every single facet of an individual’s smile is created to enhance their natural characteristics.

When it comes to top-tiered dentistry, Dr. Joyce Ma at Precision Digital Dentistry has established her practice by incorporating the latest in dental trends and technology. Not only does she value preventative care and restorative dentistry, she places a high value on the art of cosmetic dentistry. With special training in Digital Smile Design, Dr. Ma appreciates that there is no guesswork in DSD, allowing for an exact replication of the patient’s ideal results.

Residents in Bridgewater and surrounding areas are encouraged to contact Precision Digital Dentistry today for a private consultation to discuss your smile goals. Dr. Ma and the team are ready to bring your vision into reality.

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