Cavities and Flossing

Cavities occur from acid-producing bacteria eating away at your tooth enamel and creating small holes, or cavities, in the teeth. Most cavities occur in the back molars, where the rough surfaces of these teeth make it easy for food particles and bacteria to become trapped. While cavities do frequently occur in these back teeth, cavities can also occur between the teeth – and the number one cause of these interproximal cavities is not flossing the teeth.

Flossing the teeth is an essential part of your dental health care routine. Most dentists will even tell you that flossing is more important than brushing your teeth. Yet, even knowing the importance of flossing, it is still highly neglected by most people.

The spaces between the teeth are incredibly challenging to clean because of how closely the teeth are to one another. Teeth need to be tight-fitting inside the mouth to support one another and to give proper support to the jawbone. Yet, because of this tightness, you must be purposeful in cleaning your teeth. Brushing alone will not keep your teeth healthy. A toothbrush is not designed to clean the spaces between the teeth because the bristles cannot go between the teeth. Floss is the only tool that can effectively fit between the teeth and scrape away dental plaque that builds up each day. Even if you brush your teeth three times a day, if you are not flossing, your teeth are dirtier than you can imagine.

The most common excuse that dentists hear when patients tell them why they do not floss is because it takes too much time and effort. Now, please understand this: flossing only takes about one minute of your time. One minute of your time each day is nothing, especially when you think of the benefits that flossing can give you.

At Precision Digital Dentistry, we are here to partner with our patients to achieve and maintain a healthy smile. We want to encourage you to make your oral health a priority, and that includes flossing daily. If you hate to have your teeth scraped during a dental cleaning, flossing is your best preventative measure! Caring for every part of your mouth is essential, and interproximal cavities are almost 100% preventable by a daily flossing habit.

To learn the importance of flossing and how to do it properly, contact Precision Digital Dentistry today.

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