Laser Dentistry

Since 1990, lasers have been used in dentistry. Often in conjunction with other instruments, the laser light causes a reaction when it comes in contact with tissues in the mouth. The light allows for tissues to be removed or shaped, and generally allows for a more relaxed dental experience. Usually more precise, laser dentistry can reduce healing times associated with dental procedures, as well as reduce bacteria in the mouth and control bleeding during surgery.

Here are a few other ways lasers are used in dentistry:

  • To control gum tissue during impressions
  • To perform biopsies
  • To remove inflamed gum tissues
  • To remove gum and bone tissues during lengthy procedures (such as a crown)
  • To treat infections in root canals
  • To reduce the pain of sores in the mouth (canker or cold sores)
  • To speed up the teeth whitening process

Advantages of Lasers Over Conventional Treatments

Dental professionals that prefer using lasers over other methods of treatment usually note their versatility. Aside from improved visibility and better surgical control, dentists value the pinpoint accuracy of lasers. Specifically, the CO2 laser helps “sculpt” tissue, and allows for a rapid removal of tissue in a tight space. This helps lesions to be removed easily, while the tissue surrounding the area is maintained. Less bleeding and less need for suturing are other advantages mentioned.

For patients, procedures performed by lasers provide them with less postoperative pain and swelling. In addition, the risk of infection is greatly reduced. Patients appreciate the short downtime, and can expect to return to normal activities quickly.

Dr. Ma and the skilled team at Precision Digital Dentistry welcomes your family to our practice today. We value modern laser dentistry, including the Luxar CO2 laser, and it’s ability to simplify procedures, while giving a precise result. Call us today! We are ready to treat, restore, and transform your smile.

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