Are You Sending a Child to College this Fall?

Whether you are sending your child to college “in person” or virtually for the fall of 2020, you deserve a huge pat on the back. As a parent, you have made it to a finish line with your child, and now adulthood is right on the horizon. Preparing for college is a big undertaking. There are extensive checklists of all the things your child needs to purchase and do before enrolling in the first semester. If this is not your first child to send off to college, you may have the drill down. However, if this is the first “baby” to leave your nest, you may find The Ultimate College Packing Checklist helpful.

However, not everything can be packed in a suitcase or stored in a file for your child to benefit from while at college. One thing many families neglect before sending a college student to school is a dental cleaning and checkup. Having a thorough cleaning and exam done before your child leaves home can allow for a healthy start to their oral health while away from home. It is also important that this appointment be done during the summer before college so that their current dentist has the most up-to-date information regarding your child’s oral health.

It is also essential that your child find a reputable dental practice to care for his or her dental needs while away from home. Finding this dental practice at the start of college is beneficial so that if any need arises, your student has a practice to turn to. This also goes back to having a dental appointment done during the summer before college. Your child’s family dentist will be able to send X-rays and current information to a new dentist for the most personalized care.

At Precision Digital Dentistry, we want to provide a thorough professional cleaning to your student before he or she leaves home. Our focus is on prevention and promoting optimal oral health. Call and book your soon-to-be college student’s dental cleaning and checkup today.

We look forward to serving you as your family embarks on its next big adventure.

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