Achieve Your Dream Smile with Porcelain Veneers

When you have discolored teeth, you may look years older than your actual age. Meanwhile, chipped, broken or crooked teeth can lower your self-esteem. Porcelain veneers can address these issues by improving the discoloration of teeth, making them look straighter and correcting damage such as chips. They also close gaps between teeth and shorten or lengthen teeth. Our Precision Digital Dentistry office in Bridgewater offers dental veneers to help you achieve your dream smile.

Dental Veneers

Veneers consist of thin layers of medical-grade porcelain or ceramic material cemented to the front of your teeth. They are custom-made for each patient to suit the exact proportions of their dental and facial structures.

There are two versions of veneers, traditional and no-prep. Traditional veneers are the most commonly used technique. It involves preparing the tooth for the veneer by removing a small portion of the existing tooth enamel, creating room for a new layer of porcelain. Since the surface enamel is removed, this treatment is irreversible. Therefore, the best candidates for this traditional procedure are those who have sufficient tooth enamel.

No prep, also called prep-less veneers, do not require any surface removal and are therefore reversible. These ultra-thin coverings are attached to your existing tooth enamel. However, there are a few limitations to this procedure. Our professional team can advise you on which type is best for you. Sometimes we use a combination of both techniques. Depending on your desired results, minor orthodontics and or whitening may also be required.

Veneers are tooth-colored and reflect light the same way as natural teeth, so no one will notice you have dental veneers. However, they may see your teeth look flawless. In addition, since veneers are non-porous, they resist stains and cavities better than your natural tooth enamel (which is porous). With proper maintenance, a porcelain veneer can last 20 years or more.

Achieve Your Dream Smile

The days of hiding your precious smile are over when you book an appointment at Precision Digital Dentistry. We offer cutting-edge dental technologies to improve and enhance smiles. We will help you gain the smile you have always desired and guide you every step of the way. Contact us to learn more about the exciting possibilities of a smile enhanced with veneers. Obtaining the smile of your dreams is only a phone call away.

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