Your oral health is a cornerstone of overall health. That is why it is so important that you make regular visits to your dentist for checkups and cleanings. Dental insurance provides coverage for most common dental procedures, making access to qualified dentists affordable and easy. Preventative care, as well as most restorative care procedures, are usually covered with basic dental plans. You will find some dentists work with only a few dental insurance plans. If your plan does not happen to be one of them, you either pay out of pocket, find a different dentist or forego dental care completely. At Precision Digital Dentistry, Dr. Guojun Ma accepts a wide variety of dental insurance plans, as well as all PPO insurances. She understands that financial concerns do not need to be a deterrent to great dental care. Among the plans accepted at Precision Digital Dental are:

If your particular dental insurance company is not listed, please call the office to see if it is one of our accepted plans. Some people have more than one insurance company to work with, and filing claims can get rather confusing in those circumstances. We have team members who can help you navigate through the forms, making your job easier.

Dentist That Accepts Insurance

Many dentists will accept some insurance; however, Dr. Ma accepts a wide variety of insurance plans. She is committed to making access to exceptional dental care affordable and easily attainable. At Precision Digital Dentistry, we want to do all we can to provide excellent dental care to the residents of Somerset County. Most dental services are covered with basic dental insurance. Our experts in insurance filing will help you figure out to what extent your dental care needs are covered. Contact us today for an appointment or for more information regarding your dental insurance.