As much as you may try to keep your teeth in great shape, there is always the chance that you may experience cavities. At Precision Digital Dentistry, we do everything possible to support patients in the prevention of dental problems with general dentistry. However, when your dental checkup does indicate that you have cavities, getting them taken care of right away is imperative to prevent more serious problems.

In placing fillings, the decay is first removed from the affected area. It is important to clean out all the decay and bacteria first. Then, depending, on the size of the cavity and where it is, sometimes metal amalgam fillings are used or tooth-colored composite resins are bonded to the tooth. Back teeth, molars and bicuspids are subjected to tremendous pressure. Metal fillings have been used for decades in these areas. Amalgam fillings still have the highest ranking for use on back teeth, due to their staying power under the pressured of normal chewing.

Natural Teeth Color Fillings

The other most popular filling material is made up of glass or ceramic and plastic material. This is called composite. One of the advantages of composite fillings is that your natural tooth color can be easily matched. Composite fillings are used in teeth that show with your smile – your anterior teeth and cuspids (canine teeth). These teeth do not undergo the same amount of chewing pressure that your molars do. With the advancement of dental technology, composite fillings are nearly as durable as amalgams. Composite fillings can completely transform your smile if you have decay in your anterior teeth. They are also occasionally used in filling smaller cavities on back teeth when aesthetically advisable.

Dental fillings, when placed early in the process, can keep your teeth from becoming infected necessitating root canal therapy or extraction. At Precision Digital Dentistry, we give you back a bright, shining smile in a comfortable environment with the best in high precision dental techniques and equipment. Contact our office today to get your smile back on track.