When you have missing teeth, they can leave a sizeable and quite noticeable gap. Regardless of whether the gap is in the front of your mouth or in the back, it can be both physically and emotionally uncomfortable. Missing teeth in the front may make you self-conscious. The window created by lost anterior teeth also affects your speech. Missing teeth in the back, though it may not affect your smile, makes eating more difficult. Dental bridges are one cosmetic dental treatment to getting your smile back and restoring the chewing surfaces of back teeth. Dr. Guojun Ma of Precision Digital Dentistry would be very happy to discuss your options for filling those gaps.

Those missing teeth are affecting your life in subtle, if not substantial, ways. You may not be smiling because of the embarrassment of missing front teeth. Some people avoid being in photographs because they are ashamed of their teeth. You may be leaving certain foods out of your diet because they are no longer easy to chew, and some of those food may be among your favorites. Dental bridges can make all the difference in the world.

Why Choose a Dental Bridge

When you have a gap between teeth caused by one or more missing teeth, a dental bridge will close the gap. This device restores your smile and your chewing surface, giving you the confidence that was lost along with those teeth. The bridge is created using a metal base overlaid with porcelain made to look like the missing teeth. The two teeth on either side of the gap are called abutment teeth. The bridge consists of crowns (for each abutment tooth) attached to pontics made to look like the missing teeth. The abutment teeth are prepared, and then the bridge is seated on them and cemented into place.

Dr. Ma will examine your particular case to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for a dental bridge. If you are, she will make a recommendation to you and explain the procedure for you. When you look in the mirror and see your beautiful smile or finally get to eat that steak, you will be glad that you contacted Precision Digital Dentistry for your dental bridges.